where we do it

Mount st. mary's seminary and university

At the heart of the Archdiocese and nestled at the foot at the Catoctin mountains generations of men and women have come to  this place of peace to consider their place in world and the life to which God has called them. It is in their footsteps that you will walk as you contemplate how Christ and the Church will be a part of your life.  


A few days of peace and beauty

Modern life is hectic. Modern life is busy. Your time at Quo Vadis will be time spent away from all of the pressures and responsibilities of life back home. With time for some peace of mind and inspired by the beauty of God's creation, Quo Vadis will give you a chance to hear the voice of God speaking to you from within. 


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you'll have plenty of fun too

Recreation is all about enjoying the great gifts that God has given to each of us. At Quo Vadis, you will be able rest easy and put your gifts to use. Music. Sports. Simple conversation. A few minutes with a good book. At Quo Vadis you'll have time to be your best self.